Thursday, January 28, 2010

..Especially For You Brother!!..

This entry i post specially for my brother..
"Mohd Khasbullah Bin Borham"
I am so sorry for this late wish..
24 January 2010,ur burfday right??
And u are at Egypt coz ur degree..

I thought u will be sad..Hehe
But u still cool and steady..
Where do u learn all of this??
Of course from me..haha
I became jealous..

I know,u learn from ur experience..
From ur tarbiyah and worship..
Its become more perfect..
Sometimes i learned to be a calm person
Who is the murabbi??
Allah right?.but He gives u as my guide..

Tht day,u are 23rd years..
I hope Allah gives u the success..
In anythg what u done & will u do..
I just ask Allah makes u happy..
With ur life in Bumi Anbiya'

I convinced u will be better there..
peaceful,will be guard by Allah..
I have been dream to be there..
But Allah gives me the best place UIAM..

InsyaAllah we will seek our knowledge..
You will be a graduate of "Hafiz"..
And i will be a gradute of "Sibawaih"
Amin..our misson not just stop tht level..
But the leaders of our ummah..
..I hope u will replace our late father..

"May Allah approves our pray towards achieving golden excellent"


al-Madini said...

Hasbullah, apakah khabarmu di sana...........?

fiqhullughah said...

to al-madini:
alhamdulillah abang baik2 shj di sana..doakan dy mudah belajar dan berjaya di sana..nak hubungi dy,